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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lots to catch up on....

Here are some cool things I found at Goodwill to decorate my room with, we are going with a bohemian theme....Those ball thingies are battery operated Japanese lanters, then there are tiny chinese style clothings, can you believe I got those for 49 cents each, and then a little drawer thing. Cool, huh?

This is a close up of the bug below! That pink dangely thing is it's tongue!
Here are a few things I made... a cloth faerie , not really a doll, next is a bug I made for's month of softies, but missed the deadline. Next is a scrunchie I crocheted out of Yarn Bees Frosting yarn.

I have been on vacation and not able to post but I'm back with tons of pics! Above you will see some great books I found at Half-price Books, $1.00 (X2) and $2.00 each. Great for inspiration.

Guess thats all for tonight! But I do have more pictures to share!

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ahh, look at her!

Image hosted by
This is my recycled monster for I should have put webbed feet on it, lol. Anyway shes made from an old t-shirt of my sisters, a piece of old jeans of my sisters, some pompoms, buttons, and ruffled quilt binding I stole from my mom. And a tiny piece of felt. I hand stitched her and glued on the mouth and buttons. Her name is Broadway Babe.

I have a sewing machine I haven't used yet. But today I bought two patterns from Joanns for $1.00 each, WHAT A DEAL!!!! One is for a cute flouncy top and the other is for a couple of different styles of totes and purses. So I am going to give sewing on the machine a go. Oh, I also bought some kick butt remnents (sp) for way cheap.

My mom found a cool thing at I'm gonna try, it's a skirt made from a pillow case. So I hope to swing by the thrift store and find some funky 70ish looking cases.

I still haven't got to see that guys webbed feet at school. I mean how do you ask to see someones feet that they may be totally embarrassed about but you think it is cool???? I asked one of his friends and his friend told me he would get the dude to show me his feet if I can find him ( the friend, not the dude with WF) a girlfriend......Why must life be so complicated?????

Oh well I will post pics when and if I actully get something done on these patterns.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Crap and stuff...just read

I started this blog cuz my mom made me. She's such a cow, encouraging me to be creative and crap. LOL, Just kidding shes not totally a cow.
Anyway I will be posting thoughts and things Im working on and crap I screwed up on well because I want to and it might be fun to share the blog with my friends. I mean you can't ever be picked on enough, right?

I do have one parting thought I LOVE WEBBED FEET! I don't know why but I am obessed. There is a dude a school with webbed feet and one day I will see his legendary feet. I'm sure there will be songs written about his feet. Hey I wonder do you have to have some sort of special sock or something? Do you think peeps with webbed feet can swim on a pond like a duck? That would be cool to have webbed feet. I guess if you can't have webbed feet then you get you a dude with some.

Alright enjoy the blog, leave comments if you want to. I will be updating often with pictures.