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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Ahh, look at her!

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This is my recycled monster for I should have put webbed feet on it, lol. Anyway shes made from an old t-shirt of my sisters, a piece of old jeans of my sisters, some pompoms, buttons, and ruffled quilt binding I stole from my mom. And a tiny piece of felt. I hand stitched her and glued on the mouth and buttons. Her name is Broadway Babe.

I have a sewing machine I haven't used yet. But today I bought two patterns from Joanns for $1.00 each, WHAT A DEAL!!!! One is for a cute flouncy top and the other is for a couple of different styles of totes and purses. So I am going to give sewing on the machine a go. Oh, I also bought some kick butt remnents (sp) for way cheap.

My mom found a cool thing at I'm gonna try, it's a skirt made from a pillow case. So I hope to swing by the thrift store and find some funky 70ish looking cases.

I still haven't got to see that guys webbed feet at school. I mean how do you ask to see someones feet that they may be totally embarrassed about but you think it is cool???? I asked one of his friends and his friend told me he would get the dude to show me his feet if I can find him ( the friend, not the dude with WF) a girlfriend......Why must life be so complicated?????

Oh well I will post pics when and if I actully get something done on these patterns.


Blogger CraftyCritter said...

Mimi I think your monster is super cool. I also think she needs a sister monster that's checkered.

I cant wait until you get to play on your sewing machine because it will allow you to move faster than by hand.

So what are you planning for your next project?

9:31 PM

Blogger funny said...

Mimi, I love your monster she is cute I hope you like using your new sewing machine and make lots of fun stuff with it.I think you are very creative and hope that you continue to be creative.

1:23 AM


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