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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Crap and stuff...just read

I started this blog cuz my mom made me. She's such a cow, encouraging me to be creative and crap. LOL, Just kidding shes not totally a cow.
Anyway I will be posting thoughts and things Im working on and crap I screwed up on well because I want to and it might be fun to share the blog with my friends. I mean you can't ever be picked on enough, right?

I do have one parting thought I LOVE WEBBED FEET! I don't know why but I am obessed. There is a dude a school with webbed feet and one day I will see his legendary feet. I'm sure there will be songs written about his feet. Hey I wonder do you have to have some sort of special sock or something? Do you think peeps with webbed feet can swim on a pond like a duck? That would be cool to have webbed feet. I guess if you can't have webbed feet then you get you a dude with some.

Alright enjoy the blog, leave comments if you want to. I will be updating often with pictures.


Blogger funny said...

Hello there I like your blog and I think it would be just awesome to have web feet, I think your mom could make us some shoes LOL.Tell me what kinda crafty crap do you like.I have a blog here Iwill send it to your mom.I willbe posting somethings you might find interesting.

2:58 AM

Blogger CraftyCritter said...

Mimi this is your mama, all I can say is MOOOOOOO...

No really, I was thinking about the web feet thing...I dont think people with webbed feet can wear flip flops. Think about it...

I'll help you post your softie/monster later.

yo mama

1:20 PM


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